Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Beatles make an appearance at Rio Carnival

A Brazilian friend of mine recently got in touch on Facebook to tell me she'd found something that was "a cara do" Born in Brazil. It's a tricky one to translate if you want to get both the meaning and tone across. "Cara" means "face" or, more appropriately, "mug". So, this something has the mug of Born in Brazil. You see the problem. Essentially, it means that it's the epitome of what it is describing; it's just like it. Or, as another friend put it, using Friends language, "it's SO Born in Brazil". Anyway, she was right.

My friend had been to the Rio Carnival and among the "blocos" (the floats that each act performs on) she visited was Bloco do Sargento Pimenta. Or, Sgt Pepper's bloco. This act performs Beatles songs to a carnival rhythm and their bloco attracted tons of people. According to my friend, some 125,000, which she claims is a lot. And she thought they were brilliant.

Bloco do Sargento Pimenta says on its website that its aim is two unite two worlds, much like Born in Brazil's. So she was right, it has the mug of this blog.

What's your opinion? Does a Beatles classic work to the beat of the Carnival?

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