Saturday, 15 March 2014

Brazil goes mainstream in Tesco

If proof was needed that any form of association with Brazil has hit the mainstream in the UK, then this is it: Tesco has based its clothing collection F&F on Rio. The supermarket’s spring/summer 14 campaign was shot, according to the press release, in “authentic Rio”. I’m not sure there is another kind, but perhaps this was Tesco’s way of referencing the favelas, which featured in the some of the shots, notably Santa Marta.

Tesco said the vibrancy of the favelas influenced some of the colours and prints in the swimwear and beachwear ranges. But these – too clichéd and a bit garish – were my least favourite items in the range. In fact, my favourite shot is the second on this blog, featuring a model wearing the pink, full-skirt dress outside a barzinho – a corner café-cum-bar that are the heartbeat of many Brazilian cities.
What do you think of the collection and its association with Brazil?

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