Friday, 15 February 2013

Brazilian brand Lilly's Closet comes to UK

I was discussing shoes with my Drapers colleague Ruth Faulkner, who is the magazine’s footwear correspondent, and she drew my attention to a Brazilian footwear brand that New Look will start stocking for spring/summer 2013. It’s called Lilly’s Closet.

Ruth went on a buying trip to a show called Micam in Milan in September with the New Look online team, who had been considering Lilly's Closet for a couple of seasons, but initially weren't able to buy it because of the high shipping costs associated with importing product from Latin America.

“They returned to it at Micam's spring 13 edition in September and placed their first order for eight different styles,” Ruth told me. “The prices had dropped a bit which offset the shipping costs and made it slightly more viable. They felt it worked well for the New Look customer as it featured lots of glitter and bling which is something their customer likes. It is also sold in Europe through Zalando. I think it probably could do well in the UK with a young party glam customer. The sort who buys Lipsy and Little Mistress.”

What do you think?

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