Friday, 8 February 2013

A bit of Brazil at Juergen Teller exhibition

I wasn't expecting to find anything related to Brazil at the brilliant Juergen Teller exhibition at the ICA last night, so was surprised to come across this photo of the photographer with Pelé.
But what I found more interesting was the story behind the photo, titled Pelé, the Matchmaker. 

When Teller was still dating his now wife Sadie, she was reluctant at the time to commit to him. Teller, determined to change her mind, asked Pelé to phone Sadie to wish Arsenal good luck (she's an Arsenal fan) and "tell her I'm a nice guy".
As she sat on the runway of her delayed flight from Chicago to New York, after the pilot said passengers could their turn mobiles back on, Sadie received a call from Pelé, who duly followed Teller's instructions. They are now married with a child. Awwww.

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