Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Brazilian street art in a walking tour of East London

Milo Tchais


I received a text message from my friend Helen a couple of days ago containing a photo of “blue Amazonian smurfs with Tarzan-like pants made out of the Brazilian flag” – Helen’s apt choice of words to describe the first image above by São Paulo artist, Cranio. She’d been on a walking tour of east London to see different pieces of street art and came across several Brazilian artists. I loved the photo she sent me, so contacted the tour company to learn more. Richard Howard-Griffin from Street Art London supplied me with more, equally striking images of street art from Brazilian artists dotted around London.

Milo Tchais is the best known Brazilian street artist who lives in London,” Richard told me. The next four photos are examples of Tchais’ work, who Street Art London recently interviewed. “After that there aren't too many Brazilian street artists with work in London.  Zezão has a nice piece at the Foundry. Generally street artists in South America work with very bright and vibrant colours.  However, it is not possible to generalise too much as there is so much diversity.”

My friend Helen agreed: “The Brazilian artists' work really stood out for me because of their use of colour - really bright and vivid compared to other street artists which made a lot of the pieces look quite magical.”

Now that my office has moved to east London, I’ll be going on the tour myself.

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