Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Rio in Pictures

My sister has just returned from a trip to Rio, so I thought I'd share some of her photos with you. I think they're brilliant and capture the cultural diversity of the city in vivid tones. 

Above and below: Escadaria Selaron
Santa Teresa
Art work campaign to fix Santa Teresa tram
As well as having a brilliantly fun time, my sister did some "on the ground" research for me. She mentioned that Santa Teresa's iconic tram has been broken for some time, making it really difficult for people to access the bohemian neighbourhood, which is beloved by artists and situated up in the hills, amongst the favelas. Taxi drivers are reluctant to drive there, so people have to rely on unreliable buses. Artists have started to express their disappointment through their work, using it as a way to campaign for the tram to be fixed. Hopefully it will get fixed in time for the Word Cup and the Olympics...
And in line with Rio's pacification of its favelas initiative, my sister noticed a hugely increased police presence in areas like Lapa (she was last in Rio about six years ago), which used to be regarded as an unsafe part of town. But she felt safe and the police presence wasn't intimidating; the nightlife was buzzing and everyone was enjoying themselves.

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