Friday, 13 July 2012

Searching for the ultimate Anglo-Brazilian band

The Fontanas
Paul Rumbol's Viramundo

 As part of my Anglo-Brazilian wedding plans, I embarked on a search for a Brazilian band. For logistical reasons, we’re no longer having a band at all, but the search for one was nonetheless a lot of fun and I found some great musicians, should I need them in the future. The first – which I found by joining Facebook’s Anglo-Brazilian community – was Paul Rumbol. Although he’s not Brazilian himself, his wife is and he has spent many years in Brazil. He also plays the cavaquinho – a small, string instrument. I went to see Paul and two members of his Viramundo band (both Brazilian, including the singer) at The Gun, a pub in south east London, which was launching its new outdoor, Portuguese grill terrace. It was such a fun night and I thought Paul’s band was brilliant (see the last video above).
Another band which made the shortlist was The Fontanas. I actually got to know one of the band members, Sam Sutton, through his cousin Camilla, who used to work for a great menswear brand called Hentsch Man (set up by a Brazilian - Alexia Hentsch). You can see a clip of The Fontanas performing (first video) and here's a bit on the band (from one of the band members...):
"Their style is best described as a mix of Anglo-Brazilian funk and ska. With influences scattered around the globe they borrow from the foothills of Brazil, but find their sound firmly routed in West London. Band members are comprised of Brazilian, English and American musicians. Their love of music is a step beyond traditional sambas and carnival medleys, updating the genre, fusing electronic and world elements for a more modern take."
To see for yourself, The Fontanas will be playing at:
Liverpool's Brazilica Carnival
BT River of Music in Victoria Park, London.
They can talso be found on each second Friday at their monthly residency Cover Up at Ginglik


  1. Ah The Gun. Friend held her wedding reception there last month and it was incredible. Love love love!

  2. It was a really lovely setting, right on the river. It had been raining all day, but the sun came out in the evening. And I loved the band.