Sunday, 13 May 2012

Brazilian sushi comes to London with Yoobi

Until I was 21, I didn't eat fish. Then, I moved to France for a year and realized that, as a vegetarian, I'd have to survive on brie and bread unless I broadened my tastes. So, I started introducing fish gradually into my diet. Now, I think it's delicious, as were the temaki rolls at Yoobi, a new Brazilian temakeria in Soho, whose launch party I was invited to this week. Temaki is very similar to sushi, which is hugely popular in Brazil, particularly in Sao Paulo - it has the highest Japanese population outside Japan. At Yoobi, the temaki is hand-rolled to order, right in front of you. The technique, coupled with fresh ingredients, really makes Yoobi's offer stand out from pre-packaged sushi you get on the high street which, whilst perfectly fine to eat, can often taste a bit stodgy. Yoobi's temaki are beautifully light, fresh and melt-in-your-mouth.Yoobi is very much focused on the busy, lunchtime crowd - it closes by 9pm. Given the type of food served, it's probably the right move. Temaki rolls aren't the type of food to enjoy over a three-hour long dinner, or even an hour's lunch. But as a quick, healthy, delicious bite, it's one I'd recommend.

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