Thursday, 31 May 2012

Brazil, the wine country...

Miolo's sparkling wine
When I think of a good bottle of wine, I imagine the country of origin to be France or Italy; Argentina or New Zealand. But Brazil? No, that's caipirinha country, surely. That was certainly my reaction this week when I accepted a glass of sparkling wine from a waiter at Brazilian restaurant Cabana in central London. It was less sweet than Prosecco and a little heavier than champagne; it was very good and I happily accepted numerous offers of a re-fill. The company behind the wine is Miolo and Cabana's reason for shouting about it is to show people that Brazil is more than just "beaches and bundas", according to Cabana boss David Ponte. I'll leave you to look up "bunda".
Each time I see David, I'm reminded of his passion for and pride in Brazil; he really does care about promoting all that's good about the country and is keen to use Cabana as a hub for Brazilian businesses in the UK to get together. On Tuesday night, as well as Miolo, he gave the charity Action for Brazil's Children Trust (ABC) a platform to talk about their work and projects, and travel writer Jane Egginton the chance to publicise her new book on Brazil. The event was well-attended and I met Virgilio Guimaraes from the Brazilian Embassy, who told me, amongst other things (we did discuss important stuff, too), that Brazil produces very good wines but the cost price prevents the wines from being competitive. Apparently, most vineyards are small, family-run businesses who struggle to compete with the volumes of Chilean wines. I did some digging and found other Brazilian wines that are supposed to be very good: Lidio Carraro and Casa Valduga.


  1. Miolo is definitely a very good wine...I know they do some exports, but I'm happy that they're in UK now. It's time for Europe to learn more about our wine too! The South of Brazil has loads of high quality vineyards.