Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Brazil's answer to David Hockney

Tomorrow, I will mainly be looking at art. And the exercise has been made all the more interesting by comments from Samir Ceric, who runs London gallery Debut Contemporary in Notting Hill. You see, I’ll be visiting two exhibitions – David Hockney at the Royal Academy of Arts and Brazilian artist Mariana Canet at Debut Contemporary, whom Samir has likened to “the Brazilian Hockney”. Samir’s gallery, which selects emerging artists with commercial nous, has been a great supporter of Brazilian artists in the past 12 months since I met him. I caught up with Samir to find out what led him to exhibit Mariana’s work.

Why did you select Mariana for the gallery?
Mariana was selected as one of the top 100 artists out of 5,000 applicants we went through in past 12 months due to the originality of her work as well as her serious ambition to become a very established artist. Our goal to introduce her to the London art scene as well as raise awareness of her talent within the Brazilian art scene both in the UK and Brazil is starting to happen and Mariana will soon be a lot more recognised and established in comparison to a couple of months ago when not many people were familiar with her and her work.

What sets her work apart from her contemporaries?

When I first saw her work, I called her the Brazilian Hockney in terms of the style, look and feel her work commanded. It is so difficult to differentiate yourself from others around you, however, what is prevalent with Mariana is her clear identity and style of abstract photography. The work has a lot of depth and every viewer embarks on their own journey when faced with her work. I predict a bright future for this emerging Brazilian artist.

What do you like about this particular collection of work?

I like the way she turns nature into a dreamy and wonderful abstraction. I like the use of colour and the tone of each piece she crates. It is truly wonderful.

What sort of collector do you think she'd attract?

She will definitely appeal to a lot more serious collectors, those who are used to the museum quality work and the work executed and presented very professionally and at the highest level. As for the style, Mariana has got it spot on. Her work fits both a very contemporary collection as well as more traditional ones, as there are elements of modernism in her work. I am not sure she intended it to be this way as she creates he work personal to her but she's produced both very commercial and artistically sound work. A great combination though for an emerging artist and a great starting point when it comes down to her early stage career. We will soon be introducing her to a Brazilian art investment fund that raised $20million to support the emerging Brazilian art scene. The fund itself is comprised of some of the leading Brazilian collectors, curators and gallerists hence it could represent a big turning point for Mariana's career. She is our fifth Brazilian artist we've worked with in the past 12 months and it's great to see this amazing talent coming out of your native country.

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  1. The post is great! tks a lot! Mariana was really happy about it! And shared this post to everyone! Great job! Well done! The exhibition was amazing! Unfortunately we didn't meet again... XX