Friday, 3 February 2012

A bit of Brazil in a Somerset wedding

(All images: Friday Late: Hot Brazil at the V&A, London, 2012. (c) V&A Images)

"How can I help you?" asked Sylvia Morgado, as I sat down to take part in her Free Advice installation at the V&A's Hot Brazil exhibition. "I'm getting married in Somerset in the summer and I wondered if you had any ideas on how I could bring some Brazilian-ness to it?" I replied.
I know this hardly fits the description of the installation - participants were encouraged to talk to Sylvia as if she were a psychologist - but I'm ok on the psychology front and could really do with some more frivolous wedding chat.

True to her installation, Sylvia typed up a "prescription" for me, advising that I choose to play the song Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar (I Know I'll Love You) by Vinicius de Maoraes as I walk down the aisle.
I later looked up the song on YouTube and I'm considering it.
The V&A served up a host of other great installations - predominantly interactive ones - music and dance. Roll on the Rio carnival later this month.


  1. Congratulations Ana!
    This sounds like a really exciting wedding, I hope you'll be posting some pictures.
    How about some posts on Brazilian wedding traditions as you carry out your research?


    1. Thanks Lucy. It's all very exciting. Good blog post idea. I'm actually also looking for followers to suggest ways that I could inject some Brazilian-ness into the wedding, so all suggestions welcomed.
      Hope all's well with you.

    2. Make it a Pinterest board? Brings a lot of traffic apparently.

  2. The song 'Eu sei que vou te amar' suggested by Sylvia Morgado is such a beautiful romantic song. An excellent idea but I can't promise I won't cry. Mum xx