Monday, 24 October 2011

LN-CC targets Brazil

It says something about Brazil’s cool status when London boutique LN-CC wants to target Brazilian shoppers. For those of you not familiar with LN-CC, it’s one of those outrageously stylish concept stores, divided into seven rooms that house the coolest fashion brands, a library and a club. You can only visit the shop (situated, of course, in Dalston) if you make an appointment and the owners say on the website: “We don't care if you come here but don't actually buy anything - we are happy for you to take whatever you want from this, whether it be product, information or knowledge.” As a fashion business journalist, I worry about their bottom line, but as someone who appreciates innovation and beautiful things, I applaud what they do, “they” being John Skelton (formerly of Oki-Ni and Harrods) and Daniel Mitchell. Now, LN-CC has translated the prices of the product on their website into Real, the Brazilian currency, and plans to add additional content in Portuguese, like they do in Chinese and Japanese, by Christmas. LN-CC has even taken on Brazilian Ana Minozzo to handle its PR and marketing, such is the business' commitment to engaging with the Brazilian consumer.

“Brazil is super important,” Ana tells me. “The big fashion houses are opening loads of shops in Rio, São Paulo, Brasília. But I think other brands are still a bit reluctant and are trying to understand Brazil better before taking that extra step. I believe that we’ve always been known as a country to visit on holiday, but as a fashion market, we’re still a bit of a mystery.”
Ana thinks fashion-savvy Brazilian shoppers will be attracted to labels like Maison Martin Margiela, Dries Van Noten and Rick Owens, which aren’t readily available in Brazil. LN-CC also has exclusivity on several Japanese brands outside of Japan and the shop even has a bit of Brazil in its line-up of brands…Paula Gernase, the designer behind 1205, is from Porto Alegre.
It will be interesting to see how LN-CC gets on in the Brazilian market. The fulfillment of online orders will be neither easy nor cheap, but as a boutique rather than a volume-led retailer, and with Ana’s “organic” approach to growing in Brazil, LN-CC may well attract fashion-hungry, Brazilian shoppers. I hope they do.

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