Sunday, 16 October 2011

Brazilian art booms at Frieze and Brussels

(A Gentil Carioca)

Before I set off to Frieze, London's annual art fair, this afternoon, I read in The Observer that Latin Americans are "investing" in art. Frieze's co-founder Matthew Slotover said: "They buy more contemporary stuff by living artists under 50. And they live with the work, rather than put it into storage. It's not a trophy or an investment."
So, I made sure I visited all the Brazilian galleries exhibiting, and listened out for Portuguese-speaking visitors. There were plenty.
I know this blog focuses on Brazil's impact on the UK, but the Brazilian arts market is gaining such international recognition that I was asked by Belgian lifestyle magazine The Bulletin to write a feature about a three-month Brazilian arts festival in Brussels. The feature has just come out, so take a look here.
And take a look at some of the photos I took of works exhibited by the Brazilian galleries (whose names are in brackets above each set of photos) at Frieze. What do you think?


(Galeria Luisa Strina)

(Galeria Fortes Vilaça)


  1. The art at Frieze looks nothing special, to be honest. But I know that's not the case for Brazilian art as a whole.

  2. art is visual. when you take a photo (cameraphone - no offense!) it changes the work completely. Really hard to judge the art therefore. More a comment about blogging on the arts than on the art itself. Interesting post though, thanks.

  3. Thanks for both your comments. My photos haven't done the works justice, so I will think about the best way to portray this next time. Hopefully, it will encourage people to go and see exhibitions for themselves, thus judge the works in person.

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