Sunday, 4 September 2011

Penguin Classics to launch first Brazilian series

Today, I bring you some news from the world of Brazilian literature… After a chat with author Benjamin Moser, I discovered that Penguin is going to launch its first Penguin Classics series focusing on a Brazilian author: the acclaimed Clarice Lispector.

Benjamin, who I interviewed last year after he spoke at the Festival Brazil on London’s Southbank and Brazil’s important literary festival FLIP in Paraty about Lispector (he wrote her biography, Why This World), is editing the series and translated one of Lispector’s novels: A Hora da Estrela (The Hour of the Star). The series will comprise five translations of Lispector’s novels and launches in April 2012 in the UK and US.
“I’m working with four other translators and editing all the novels so that they have a single voice,” Benjamin told me. “Everybody who translates her comes out with something different. Five copy editors read my biography and tried to correct her. She has such a strong voice – Brazilians would recognize her work from one sentence – that I’m trying to get people not to correct her too much.”
Moving from books to film, London's Brazilian film festival starts on Tuesday and I've been invited to the opening night at BAFTA. Will tell you all about later this week.

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