Wednesday, 7 September 2011

At the Brazilian film festival premier in London

The organisers of the Brazilian Film Festival in London, which opened last night, did a stellar job of attracting producers, actors, journalists, the general public and other creatives to the BAFTA’s screening of Man from the Future (O Homen do Futuro); with every seat taken, the PR team had to sit on the stairs to see the film. Not only that, but they also managed to bag Brazilian model Ana Araujo, the girlfriend of Ronnie Wood, to open the ceremony and bring Ronnie along for support. She needed it, too. I was surprised by how nervous she was, as she struggled with her script. But like all great professionals, she managed to giggle her way out of it.

As for the film itself, Man from the Future had a Back to the Future quality to it. A scientist, called Zero, goes back in time after creating a revolutionary energy source and has the opportunity to correct his mistakes. The writing is quite funny in parts – although it probably works best in Portuguese (the film has English sub titles) – but I felt some of the acting was slightly over the top. Sci-fi films aren’t my thing though, so judge for yourselves. Or try one of several films showing until September 10 at the Odeon in Covent Garden.
Tomorrow, it’s the preview of Brazilian artist Luiz Zerbini as he marks his UK debut at the Max Wigram Gallery in Mayfair. I’ll bring you all the news. What a great week of Brazilian culture in London.

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