Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Michael Palin and island paradises in Brazil

My friend and fellow journalist Suzanne Bearne is currently travelling around South America and has recently arrived in Brazil. Not only is that fact alone enough to make me green with envy, but she is also keeping a detailed and brilliant blog about her travels, which makes me want to accompany her as a translator (like she asked me...) even more. I thought I'd share snippets with you about her experiences, which covers Rio de Janeiro all the way to Salvador (as well as some beautiful islands in between and a chance encounter with Michael Palin...), with links to her full blog posts.

Susie's trip began briefly in a wet and wolf-whistling Rio, to where she returned after visiting a handful of other gorgeous South American locations. Have a look through the archive of Devoted To Travel for non-Brazilian travel trips.
But back to Brazil. After Buenos Aires, Susie landed in Salvador and the unassuming art shop where she met Michael Palin (not Portillo or Fish...). She then headed to the island Morro de São Paulo, what Susie describes as her Brazilian paradise. Note that she went out of season and took the long route. My friend Becky has recently returned from there and had a much less agreeable experience. She took a boat directly to the island (it took about two hours), but the conditions were terrible (as they often are at this time of year apparently, explaining why few people opt for this route, but failing to explain why no-one informed her about this and encouraged her nonetheless to go for the direct boat ride. She found all this out after the boat trip). She is back safe and sound and had a lovely time.
Susie then travelled to another island, Boipeba, which sounds even more magnificent than Morro. It's certainly next on my itinerary.
Her most recent blog post says she's back in Rio, sipping cocktails at Copacabana Palace Hotel, but I know she has just bought a flight to the Pantanal. Will keep you posted on her adventures.

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