Monday, 18 July 2011

Brazil smells good, says BBC

Last Tuesday, a friend of mine sent me a text saying I had to watch Perfume on BBC4. I’d heard about the programme on Twitter, but had never seen it. Because this particular episode was partly about Brazil, I decided to tune in and it was pretty good viewing (despite the annoying “scent guru” Ann Gottlieb). There are still two days left to see it before tomorrow’s next instalment, so click here if you fancy it.

This episode explored the emerging perfume markets, or, emerging markets in general, it would seem, because it featured Brazil, China and India.
I’d recommend you watching the entire episode, but if you can’t, here are some of my highlights:

• 20% of sales from cosmetics giant Avon comes from Brazil
• There are 1.5 million Avon reps in Brazil
• Brazil is the world’s fastest growing fragrances market
• Brazilians don’t like orange, coffee or chocolate-based scents because all three are available in abundance in the country and therefore considered cheap
• As part of Avon’s market research, one female consumer said she wanted to “smell like a rich lady”
• According to Avon’s Brazilian marketing team, there are lots of words in Portuguese that denote smell – good or bad – including “cheirozinha”, “fresquinha” and “chulé” (the first two are good smells; the last describes the smell of feet…)

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