Monday, 13 June 2011

In conversation with Brazilian artist Estela Sokol

As promised, here is the post on the private viewing event I attended for Brazilian artist Estela Sokol. It was held at Gallery 32, next door to the Brazilian embassy in London, which uses the space to showcase the works of Brazilian artists. As soon as I arrived, I could tell I’d entered a Brazilian space – a waiter presented me with a glass of Guaraná, a sugary soft drink loved by Brazilians. I used to drink it by the gallon, but hadn’t tasted it for a while. It’s a lot sweeter than I remember.

Inside, I was lucky enough to speak to Estela herself, a lovely, passionate lady, who has been an artist for about 10 years, mixing painting with sculpture.
“In my work, I look at the relationship between colour and light,” she told me, “using a mixture of mediums.” Mounted on the wall was a video screen showing an interview with Estela explaining her work.
She says that Brazilian art is in a “special period” internationally, but, unlike the gallery owners I spoke to last week at Pinta, Estela attributes this more to the growing number of art galleries in Brazil than simply to the country being in the global spotlight at the moment. “There are also more art courses being taught at universities,” she said.
Staying with art, I’m currently in Florence for Drapers magazine visiting menswear fair Pitti Uomo, which has dedicated its new Guest Nation project to Brazil. I will report back on the project in the next few days, including my visit to an installation of various Brazilian artists just behind the Duomo. Come back to read all about it – it was rather surreal…

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