Sunday, 5 June 2011

Brazilian Forró Festival comes to UK

I’ve read a lot of listings for festivals in the UK this summer so far, but have just been contacted by a brand new one…it’s a Brazilian Forró festival due to be held in late September on a farm in Surrey (exact location to be revealed shortly - I'll keep you posted). The initiative is a joint venture between London-based dance groups Forró Family and Forró do Galpao, who are putting together a three-day camping event with forró bands, dance classes and Brazilian food. And it sounds like fun.

Forró may not be as internationally recognised as samba, but it forms an important part of Brazil’s history. Started in the north east of Brazil, forró is a partner dance (where a couple dances together) and has similarities with salsa. It’s popular during Festa Junina, a traditional dance event held throughout Brazil every June to celebrate different saints.
The organisers of the September festival also run regular forró dance classes in London. Forró Family, which is actually set up by two non-Brazilians Andy and Julia, offers classes in Golders Green (another London borough popular with Brazilians), with the chance to dance for free after the official lessons.
Forró do Galpao is based in Brick Lane and offers a similar combination of tuition-led classes and free dancing.
I’ve never been to either but would like to have a go. Anyone fancy joining me?
And for those keen on Brazilian festivals, check out Festinho, too. It sounds more intimate than the likes of Glastonbury and, as a serious-festival skeptic (smelly, make-shift toilets don’t appeal), I might be giving this – and Forró Festival – a go.

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