Sunday, 23 January 2011

Havaianas to launch wellies

Can Havaianas mirror its flip flop success in the UK with a collection of wellies? Selfridges and Office certainly think so, and they rarely put a foot wrong. The impossible-to-miss, brightly coloured Havaianas concession in Selfridges’ Shoe Galleries in London will host the global launch of the Brazilian brand’s first wellies collection (above) for two weeks at Easter. After that, Office will have exclusivity of the range on the high street until mid July, before a European launch for autumn/winter 2011. Havaianas has proved so successful in the UK with its flip flops range that I’m sure its wellies collection will be popular too. As Richard Shetliffe, UK country manager for Havainas, says: “The UK has a well-established retail network for wellies and is therefore strategically important and right for the global launch.” It also has a lot of rain. But I still think the flip flops will reign supreme. Havaianas will never be able to “own” wellies in the way that it owns the flip flop. The latter is inextricably linked to Brazil’s sunny, beachside image, while the former makes you think of Glastonbury – and Hunter boots. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Havaianas was the first, flip flop-only brand to be hugely successful in the UK. Its Brazilian roots and practical, yet cool designs make them popular with everyone – men and women; young and old. Somehow, I can’t see the same men who wear Havaianas flip flops donning a pair of its brightly coloured wellies.
But I hope to be proved wrong because I’m a huge fan of Havaianas. The brand has just teamed up with Farm, one of Brazil’s most innovative fashion retailers on a shop frontage for Farm’s Ipanema store in Rio (above). According to WGSN's great blog on fashion in the Americans, over 500 pairs of Havaianas sandals have been used to create pretty flowers on the outside of Farm’s shop.


  1. Do you know if you can buy Farm Rio clothes anywhere but Brazil..?! Somewhere online perhaps...many thanks

  2. Hi Emily,

    Farm is looking to launch an e-commerce site very soon. It is currently in trial stage at the moment, but I will let you know as soon as I know more. If more people like you are interested, it might hurry them along!

    Thanks for the message,

  3. I am also interested in buying online, and hopefully they will ship outside of brazil at reasonable prices!

  4. When I was in Rio, I went to Farm with very little money and I have regretted the decision ever since, because I wanted to buy everything in the store! Their hippie-chic look is on point, and still had that sexy Rio flare. I'm looking forward to buying Farm clothing and accessories online!