Friday, 26 November 2010

Brazil's Top 5 Beaches: Bombinhas

For this, the final entry of Brazil’s Top 5 Beaches selection, I called on the knowledge and experience of another Brazilian, who, only a few weeks ago, was crunching her feet on the fine sand of Bombinhas, meaning “small bombs or explosions.” As “one of the most beautiful beaches” she visited whilst holidaying in the Santa Catarina state, in the south of Brazil, Bombinhas is only one kilometre long and just under an hour from Florianopolis, so a perfect afternoon stop on the way down to Floripa, as it is known to the locals. Bombinhas’ very fine, white sand is made up of quartz crystals and so makes a crunching noise when you walk on it in. According to the waiter of the restaurant she ate at, this is why the beach is called Bombinhas. “We had a lovely meal in one of the sea food restaurants along the beach, where I had the best caipirinha ever,” she told me. “The calm, clear, turquoise sea is perfect for bathing and Bombinhas is known as the Capital of Eco Diving. We’ll definitely come back to Bombinhas”. It’s next up on my list, too.

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