Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Seu Jorge comes to London

He may be better known in the UK for re-writing David Bowie’s songs – the chorus of “Rebel Rebel” becomes “Zero a Zero” in Portuguese (a rhyme of sorts) – in the film The Life Aquatic, but Brazilian musician Seu Jorge has just released a new album in Europe and will be playing at the Roundhouse in Camden next month. I can’t wait.

In Brazil, Seu Jorge is a modern samba star and an actor, having starred in the films The Life Aquatic and A City of God. Seu Jorge, who turned 40 earlier this year, will be performing his new album at the Roundhouse, a collaboration with drummer Pupillo and guitarist Lucio Maia from Nação Zumbi and bassist and composer Antonio Pinto.
The album is a move away from Seu Jorge’s traditional samba sound and features, instead, covers including Roy Ayer's 'Sunshine', Kraftwerk's 'Das Model' and Michael Jackson's 'Rock With You'.
Before the release of his new album in the US, where it debuted in June, Wallpaper Magazine interviewed Seu Jorge as part of its brilliant Born in Brazil special. One particular quote resonated with me. Seu Jorge said: “Brazil is weighed down by its symbols: Brazilians are seen as people who like to party, who wear Ronaldinho football jerseys or skimpy bikinis […] The world outside, in a way, is a very predictable place. But in Brazil, anything can happen at any moment to anyone.”
He’s right. Don’t get me wrong, Brazilians do wear skimpy bikinis, but they do a lot else too. They are fun-loving people, but they also work hard. And Brazil is a country like no other. That’s why I like things such as its stringent export and import rules, which restrict non-Brazilian brands from expanding in the country. All Brazil is doing is protecting its own people and identity. I admire that.
Anyway, back to Seu Jorge. He’s brilliant too and if you want to see him at the Roudhouse, you can buy tickets here.

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