Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Brazilian architecture, sex comics and more graffiti

The day after I wrote about Brazilian graffiti artists Os Gêmeos, I noticed that Wallpaper Magazine tweeted that its most popular online picture gallery that day was its Brazilian Architects Directory, which is full of very modern structures. The Born in Brazil post itself encouraged quite a few comments from followers, while on Born in Brazil’s Facebook page, another member added to the debate by sharing some of his favourite Brazilian artists. It got me thinking that, other than fashion (which seems to attract a lot of people to the blog), Brazilian art definitely has a strong appeal here in the UK, so I’ve put together a list of some up-coming events.

Ernesto Neto is still showing at the Southbank until September 5
Iran do Espirito Santo is showing at the Ingleby Gallery in Edinburgh until September 25, in what is his first solo UK show
Marilène Oliver, who uses scans to reinvent the human portrait, is showing in London’s Beaux Arts from October 6 to September 6

I will keep an eye out on other events and news, and please share any news you may have. In the meantime, Wallpaper online also found – a few days later – that its second most popular gallery was that of Brazilian sex comics… And for those of you who didn’t see Dave’s comment on Facebook, he was interested in another Brazilian graffiti artist called Binho Ribeiro. I don’t think he has any exhibitions coming up, but you can keep up-to-date with his work on his MySpace page.
As for the attached picture, this was taken in Ipanema, in Rio, when I was there earlier this year – genuine, street art.

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