Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Cool and coveted Brazilian art - Os Gêmeos

If you’re looking to own a piece of really cool, collectible and sought-after Brazilian art, then take a look at Os Gêmeos (The Twins). “Those guys are super-hot at the moment,” says Ben Cotton, director of the equally cool, online art gallery Hang-Up Pictures. “We have many, many clients asking about their work, but it’s not all that straight forward as demand is so high and it’s increasingly hard to come by.”

Yet another set of famous Brazilian artist twins (remember Fabio Moon and Gabriel Bá?), Otávio and Gustavo Pandolfo are graffiti street artists, fresh from painting a giant mural on a primary school in Chelsea, in New York (see pictures). According to the twins’ blog, the idea behind the mural was to “establish a visual communication with the children of PS 11 and the surrounding community that walk by the mural each day.”
Cotton believes that the reason for the twins’ success is their ability to “cross over” different art forms, by exhibiting in museums and galleries, as well as on the street. “This makes them that much more collectible and desirable to both street art collectors and contemporary collectors,” he says. “We have dealt in some of their work and continue to do so. To me they are an amazing force who are out there doing something different. I love the strong yellow tones in all their crazy characters and the fact they can pull of 80ft murals like the one in New York in collaboration with Futura.”


  1. Viva Os Gêmeos!!!

  2. Voce gosta deles tambem? Gostaria muito de ver o trabalho deles "in the flesh"!

  3. Have you seen this project by artist "JR" in Morro da Providencia, Rio?

  4. Nothing to do with the above but I'm going to this:


    I'm seeing the one about Lula. x

  5. Thanks both for the above comments. Have just written a post on the Brazilian Film Festival - let me know what the Lula film is like. And yes, I did see the JR piece in The Guardian. I thought it was excellent. Must look into what he's up to at the moment.