Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Kenzo Takada to work with Brazilian designers

Kenzo Takada, the Japanese designer and founder of fashion brand Kenzo, will visit Brazil next month to look at developing commercial partnerships with Brazilian fashion businesses.
According to ABIT, the Brazilian textile association, Takada will discuss opportunities with emerging designers and look to offer training opportunities with him.

ABIT’s Anita Delmonte told me some of the details in São Paulo. “Kenzo’s diary is not finalised yet but in principle, he’ll meet with a few Brazilian firms in order to develop commercial partnerships [with them],” she explained. “For example, Coteminas [a Brazilian homewares business] might develop a bedding or bathroom range [with him]. He’s also going to give a talk about fashion and business to the companies that ABIT and Texbrasil work with.”
Takada retired in 1999 from his eponymous label, which is now owned by French luxury group LVMH. He later launched his own line of homewares under the label Takada.
According to Delmonte, Takada is also looking to develop partnerships with Casa de Criadores or Santa Catarina Moda Contemporanea.
Casa de Criadores is essentially a fashion show in the streets of São Paulo that was set up by young, emerging artists and journalist André Hidalgo to promote new talent in Brazil. Delmonte said Takada is looking into picking some of the best designers from these organisations to take under his wing and offer training and guidance.
The partnership represents a great opportunity for emerging Brazilian designers to learn from an experienced, global designer. It also shows – yet again – the potential, untapped talent coming out of Brazil. The winter edition of Casa de Criadores takes place this November – if you want to discover new designers before anyone else, go and take a look.

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