Friday, 9 July 2010

Festival Brazil - key events for next weekend

I was on the Southbank earlier today, where the Festival Brazil is taking place, and thought I’d update you on a couple of key events that are happening next weekend.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, the festival is running until September and covers literature, music, the arts, etc. But next weekend, there are a couple of events that have caught my attention.

Firstly, twins Fabio Moon and Gabriel Bá, who are comic book artists, are going to create a wall-sized comic strip on the ramp alongside Queen Elizabeth Hall in collaboration with local young people and artists. It’s an ongoing project, but my sources at the Southbank suggested I visit next weekend to get a good taste of the artwork.
Also on next weekend is a collaboration with Project Morrinho, a social and cultural project based out of the Pereira da Silva favela in Rio, which will see the Southbank create a model of this favela here in London.
If the weather stays like this, you might even feel like you’re in Brazil…

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