Friday, 2 July 2010

Brazil’s World Cup: Not this year

I’ll keep this short. It’s still too soon and too sad. But Brazil’s World Cup is over. I won’t go into the analysis – partly because my boyfriend Roly isn’t here right now to edit my copy and make sure I don’t make obvious, football-related errors.
So, I will leave you a story from The New York Times, discussing how Brazilian model scouts have always favoured the south of the country – where the population is predominantly white.
The article argues that Brazilian fashion should include more black models. And it indeed it should. The interesting thing about Brazil is that its people are not characterised by a particular look. People often think Brazilian women are tall, tanned and (young) and lovely – to quote the famous song – but they’re all sorts of things. Blonde, redheads, short, fat, olive-skinned and fair. And all should be represented.

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