Thursday, 22 July 2010

Brazilians and Londoners dance to Gilberto Gil

Because I’m currently in São Paulo (more on that soon), I couldn’t go to the Gilberto Gil concerto at the Royal Festival Hall last night. I’d bought the tickets months ago and was really disappointed not to see him. Luckily, my boyfriend Roly still went along with a friend and loved it. Here are his (unedited) thoughts on the concert:

“If you’re looking for a crash course in Brazilian culture, you could do a lot worse than go and see a Gilberto Gil show.
On a night when the Royal Festival Hall seemed exclusively populated by Brazilians, Gil and his multi-talented, multi-ethnic (“multi-everything!” as he said) band performed an unashamedly esoteric set based heavily on sounds brought to Brazil by European immigration.
With catches of Bavarian, Portuguese and Scottish song, this was part concert, part lesson in history, demography and linguistics, delivered by a 68 year old in silver checked trousers, dancing like a 20 year old and punctuating songs with animal yelps.
Gil’s set reminded us that Brazil is a melting pot of diverse ethnicities and cultures, and last night’s gig showed that music is part of this union. As the band unleashed a supercharged instrumental mid-set, the crowd were on their feet. By the end, as Gil finally turned to his back-catalogue, Brazilians and Londoners alike were dancing in the aisles.”

Gil has played in London before and is likely to do so again, so if you like the sound of his gig, check out his website for his next tour dates. He’s in Europe for the next couple of months.

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