Monday, 21 June 2010

Brazil’s World Cup: the wardrobe debate continues

Before you continue to read this entry any further, a note of warning: if you’re expecting a belated, in-depth analysis of Brazil’s 3-1 victory over the Ivory Coast last night, you’ll be disappointed. The misery that is our rail system and a television technical fault meant that I missed the match.
But, if you’re hoping for a continuation of last week’s analysis of Dunga’s wardrobe, then you’re in luck (Katie Gee – read on).

It turns out that the Brazil manager was sporting a coat from Alexandre Herchcovitch’s autumn 2006 collection. Not only is Herchcovitch one of Brazil’s biggest fashion designers, he is an international star, showing at both São Paulo and New York fashion weeks.
But what’s arguably more interesting is that it was Dunga’s daughter, Gabriela Verri, who picked out his outfit, and who often does so. In fact, she even designs and makes clothes for her father to wear, having recently graduated in fashion. Such is Verri’s influence, that the Brazilian press has picked up on her eye for style, often giving Dunga’s wardrobe more column inches than the matches themselves.
But it remains to be seen whether she can enjoy the commercial and international success of some of her peers, including up-and-coming Brazilian shoe designer Alexandre Birman, who Joan Burstein, the founder of iconic London fashion boutique Browns, has backed as a designer to watch. Brazil certainly has the talent – could Verri be one of them? I’ll keep you up to date.
In the meantime, I'll leave you with a picture of Marie Davies, my super-cool colleague, who I thought was looking very "Brazilian" in this outfit. She picked Brazil in the office World Cup sweepstake and had a "hot" Brazilian boyfriend (her words). An adopted Brazilian, I think.

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