Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Brazil’s World Cup: Dunga’s kit

Until the 55th minute of Brazil’s opening World Cup match against North Korea, I thought I would have to devote my first football blog entry to Dunga’s outfit. The fact that all 11 men in the South Korean team parked themselves in front of their own goal meant that the Brazilian manager’s double breasted, military style jacket worn over a light grey, yet chunky, polo neck was capturing my attention more than anything else.

He looked like he should have been wandering the streets of a cold, Northern European city, browsing the windows of Prada, instead of managing one of the most creative football teams in the world.
But then came quite an unbelievable shot by Maicon. Did he mean it? Who cares. It went in. He may have been made Man of the Match, but his goal wasn’t as great as the one set up by Robinho, and finished off by Elano.
And then North Korea scored too. I may not have seen many matches in this World Cup so far, but I’ve seen enough to be quite bored by it. So this one will hopefully set the tone for the rest of the tournament.
I’m currently supporting Brazil, England and all African nations. Goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal.


  1. I love this article Ana. Even though its about football (in which my interest is fairly limited), it kept me wanting to read on... and I think I might watch the next Brazil game - I'm intrigued to see what Dunga will wear!

    I also love the fact that you're blogging on your birthday. That's true passion!!

  2. Did you liked Dunga's clothes??
    Dunga's daughter is fashion stylist student!!
    She chooses his clothes!!

    I think the game was sloooow!