Friday, 11 June 2010

Brazil's beautiful game

If I was a Brazilian football player, I’d be called Santinho. It loosely means “little Santi”. Want to know what your name would be? Then click here to find out and let me know. One of my friends, Chris Curtis, came back as Christophao, which sort of means “big Chris”. He’s enjoying the power.

As a Brazilian, and with the World Cup starting today, I think it’s my duty to follow Brazil’s progress and update you. Plus, my grandad knew Pelé and even played football with him (I’m working on an interview with him – my grandad, not Pelé). And, Brazil’s first match falls neatly on my birthday. It’s like one big coincidence.
For now, if you live in Bristol and want to watch the World Cup with the city’s Brazilian community, then head to H Bar in the Colston Hall.

Here are the dates:

June 15 (my birthday, remember) at 19.30 - Brazil v Korea
June 20 at 19.30- Brazil v Ivory Coast
June 25 at 15.00 - Brazil v Portugal

They’re a really fun group of people and you’ll definitely enjoy yourselves.


  1. Apparently, I would be Goulinho

  2. I'd be Coauro... Stuart would be Mckechniito - doesn't sound partuicularly authentic!

  3. Personally, I think you'd be something along the lines of Lo-Lo or thereabouts but if the random generator says it, it must be true. Brazilians can't deal with names beginning with 'Mc' - it just not within their contemplation!