Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Ask a Brazilian Saint for a husband

Right now, most Brazilians will be celebrating Festa Junina – or the June Festival. My memory of it involves dressing up in a straw hat and full-skirt dress, drawing false freckles on my cheeks and dancing a sort of square dancing – or quadrilla as it is known in Portuguese. My sister, only six years old at the time, took it all very seriously and got quite upset when her dance partner didn’t get the moves right.
Still, it’s an important festival celebrated across the whole of Brazil and my friend Clarissa said I should share it with my UK friends.

The festival gives Brazilians the opportunity to thank different saints. For example, they thank Saint John for the rain, as the festival takes place at the start of the Brazilian winter, after what would normally be a hot summer. They also thank Santo Antonio – the matchmaker. In fact, if you’re female and looking for love, June might just be the month to deliver your wishes. Tradition has it that to bag yourself a boyfriend or husband, you need to do the following:

1. Tie two ribbons – one red, one white – to the arm of a Santo Antonio statue
2. Ask the statue to find you a husband or boyfriend
3. Say a prayer
4. Hang the statue upside down above your bed
5. Only turn it round the right way when you get your wish

Good luck...

The Brazilian community in Bristol is at it again in terms of bringing Brazil to the UK by having its own Festa Junina. It takes place next Saturday June 19 at the St Bonaventure’s Club in Bishopston.


  1. He was a terrible dancer and if I remember correctly, just wasn't making the effort! There I was dressed in my best hat and him in his drawn on moustache and he couldn't even be bothered to lift his feet! I was most annoyed.

  2. Hi Milena,
    It was a pleasure to join you in your quest for the perfect "bolinho de Bacalhau" during your passage in Santos.
    By the way, if you are talking about "Festa Juninas", introduce the UK folks to Parintins Festival.
    It is a big party in Parintins, a city of northern state of Pará.
    The festival became bigger so it was necessary to build a arena for 35 thousand people audience called "Bumbodromo" similar to "Sambodromo" from Rio de Janeiro Carnival.
    There are two "Bois" one blue and another red.
    Parintins is the only place in the world were there are Coca-Cola cans blue to enjoy "Boi Caprichoso" fans.
    Um grande beijo,